Celebrate An Unsung Hero...
Hedy Lamarr - Inventor & Actor
An illustration by Ryan Hodge of female Hollywood actor and inventor, Hedy Lamarr.  She is shown wearing a white dress covered in metallic star on a bright pink background.  She has a star on her forehead and stars in the background.
Elevate Your Podcast Profile...
This artwork by illustrator Ryan Hodge was commissioned for Kate Leaver's Podcast called
Reimagine The Past...
This illustration is a reinterpretation of an old black and white wedding photograph.   The couple have dark skin and are wearing traditional wedding attire with trilby hat.  The artwork has muted tones reflecting the original sepia image.
Never forget a Furry Friend ...
Bille the Jackshund
Cherish Special Memories...
The illustration is based on a Photo Booth image at a party and features a male and female couple.  They are posing in sailor hats and are wearing fake moustaches and a cravat. There is a bright floral background, roses and daisies.

Commission A Custom Illustration 


Whether it is your favourite Pop star, actor or your Nan, I am here to create a one-off work of art that celebrates them. 

Simply choose from a range of sizes and add professional framing to compete the look!  

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Or get in touch to discuss your particular requirements. 


Commission a beautiful work of art featuring your pet, whatever they may be!  Whether they bark, miaow, tweet or twitch their nose, all I need is your favourite photo to work from. 

Each portrait is lovingly hand drawn over several days and the final image is printed on beautiful fine art paper.  Choose a statement background colour that perfectly matches their personality as well as your home. 

Get the whole look with custom framing too.  

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